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Sharing and Seeking Issue Frameworks

Patty Dineen 7/30/2009 14:34

12/12/2013 8:28 oscar oscar@quoners.com

we have created an on-line platform for, not only discussing, but to decision making: www.quoners.com

Anyone can create a Debate/Opinion poll about any topic with a single question and closed answer. Anybody can vote and argue in favor or against any of the alternatives.

For example: http://www.quoners.com/debate/is-euthanasia-afundamental-right

You can see what majority think just by looking at the chart, or you can read arguments, to better understand why people think that (Arguments can be voted too).

The best thing is that you do not visit Quoners.com to participate. You can embed the debate in your web/blog, so the Debate is in the right context.

Our Debates can be use for many things (decision making, surveys, forecast...) but we would like it to be used to bring the democratic process to the people. We all must assume that we will have to vote much more that once every 4 years. If we really want a better world, we all must participate very frequently.
We are just starting, and we have plenty ideas for the future, but by now we want to keep it simple, and get feedback.

It would be great if you create a Debate in Quoners and embed it in your website, just to see if it could be a useful tool for the NIF purposes.

Thank you.

4/25/2014 17:40 dfgdfg dfgdfg@aol.com

[QUOTE=Patty Dineen]Are you looking for an issue framework?  Do you have an issue framework that you, your group, or your students have created and you would be willing to share with others?

You can use this thread (or start a new one of your own) to share your issue framework or ask others if they know where you can find what you are looking for.