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Climate Choices Preview 

(The following announcement is from the Kettering Foundation's newsletter, "From the Commons: News and Ideas from the Kettering Foundation.")

Climate Choices: How Should We Deal with the Challenges of a Warming Planet? will be available on the NIF website next month. This is the inaugural guide in the Environment & Society series, a partnership between the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and NIF. This guide was written with the assistance of many scientists and educators within the NAAEE network. Climate Choices should be an invaluable addition to the NIF library as it provides a nonpartisan guide, incorporating verified scientific knowledge usefully to help citizens come to the judgment.

The options for deliberation in this issue are: 

  • Option 1: Sharply Reduce Carbon Emissions:We need to take aggressive action to reduce our energy consumption and other climate-changing behaviors. If we do not move swiftly to tackle the problem of climate change at its source, we risk catastrophic effects that we--and future generations--will not be able to handle.

  • Option 2: Prepare and Protect Our Communities: We need to work together now to strengthen our resilience in the face of climate-related impacts like flooding, drought, fire, health problems, and social unrest.

  • Option 3: Accelerate Innovation: We must invest in rapid innovation to develop new, cleaner fuel sources, new ways to influence Earth's climate, and even new societal arrangements.


Issue Guide on Climate Change

Linda Ellinor's picture

I'm glad to see this coming out soon. I've been reviewing Transition Streets (produced by Transition Towns US) and Carbon Conversations (from the UK), and while both are great guides for living room groups, neither deal much with necessary policy changes, emergency preparedness (climate mitigation and adaptation aspects), so glad to see that this guide deals with some of this. I am hoping that like Carbon Conversations, it deals with some of the psychological challenges in changing over to a new paradigm of values.

Issue guide on climate change

Linda Ellinor's picture

I'm glad to see this guide coming out. While both Transition Streets (as put out by Transition Town US) and Carbon Conversations (put out in the UK) are both great guides, niether of them do much around emergency preparedness nor do they deal much with the policy or community organizing aspects of climate change. I would be happy to preview and give comments as I'm in a process of reviewing these other guides to take into Tucson's Neighborhood Resilience program.