Voting: How Should We Safeguard and Improve Our Elections? (Downloadable PDF)

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Many Americans are concerned about the integrity of US elections. Recent surveys show that a majority of voters lack confidence in the fairness and honesty of the electoral process and a growing number worry about its safety and security.

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated many aspects of how we vote in 2020. But even before the outbreak, there were widespread concerns about the election system. The problems are complex and take many forms.

Today, Americans wonder whether they will be able to cast their ballots as usual on Election Day, whether their votes will be accurately counted, and whether national, state, and local voting systems will be safe from hacking, foreign meddling, and other problems.

How should we ensure that our elections are fair, efficient and secure? What should we do so people can vote with confidence and trust that the outcomes accurately represent the will of the people? How should we safeguard and improve our elections?

This issue advisory presents three options for deliberation, each rooted in a different way of responding to the issue. Each option includes a range of practical actions as well as important trade-offs to consider.

Option One: Increase Voter Participation

Option Two: Protect the Integrity of Voting

Option Three: Change the Rules to Make Elections Fairer

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020
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