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  • Gregg Kaufman
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Article by Gregg Kaufman in The Florida Times-Union,

The Florida Times-Union published an article by Gregg Kaufman in the online on January 30, 2017. In the article, titled Public meetings will address police-community relations,  Kaufman describes the purpose and structure of public deliberative forums and some background about the Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) efforts to promote public deliberation.

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  • Kim Pearce
  • John (Jay) Theis
  • Kara Lindaman
  • Lisa Strahley

National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) Elects Four New Directors

At its December, 2016 meeting, the National Issues Forums Institute voted to appoint four new directors who will each serve a three-year term, beginning in May, 2017. The four new directors include Kara Lindaman, Kim Pearce, Lisa Strahley, and John (Jay) Theis. Outgoing directors include Barbara Brown, Doug Garnar, Gregg Kaufman, and Gail Leftwich-Kitch.

More about the new directors:

  Kara Lindaman

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