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Help us determine the next set of Common Ground for Action (CGA) features and enhancements

Common Ground for Action (CGA) has now been “live” in some version for about 8 years now, and in that time, moderators have convened over 1,000 forums on the platform. In the last year alone, over 1500 people had a chance to experience deliberating online as part of over 350 forums. Given all the challenges of the past year, that’s an amazing feat.

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February 17, 2021, Join a Webinar about the New "Youth and Opportunity" Issue Discussion Materials

Join us and learn how to convene an impactful forum using the new issue discussion guide –  Youth and Opportunity: What Should We Do for Future Generations to Thrive? – co-produced by the National Issues Forums Institute  (NIF) and Up to Us. During this event, you will learn about the framework and supporting materials to enrich deliberative forums in person and online

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An Overview - The Hidden Common Ground Initiative

From December 2019 through the 2020 elections, National Issues Forums (NIF) took part in the Hidden Common Ground project, an effort to uncover areas of agreement among Americans on the most pressing public problems of the day, including political divisiveness, health care, immigration, and rebuilding the economy.

NIF partnered with Public Agenda, USA TODAY, the Kettering Foundation and the America Amplified public radio network to explore opportunities for people across the country to deliberate and exchange ideas about issues.

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