Article and Video - A Forum on "A House Divided: What Would We Have to Give Up to Get the Political System We Want?"

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A March 17, 2019 article, published in Oconee County Observations (Georgia) describes a March 9, 2019 deliberative forum that was sponsored by the Oconee Progressives and moderated by Margaret Holt. The article describes the forum, including the three options covered, quotes from some of the participants, and a link to watch the video of the approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes forum.

The following is excerpted from the article:

Criticism of both social and traditional media was a theme that ran throughout the National Issues Forum on “A House Divided” held at the Oconee County Library last Saturday.

Discussion leader Margaret Holt brought up the media even before turning to the first of the three discussion topics, which focused on “dangerous, toxic talk” in the media and elsewhere.

Holt returned to the media at the end of the 99-minute session, asking participants what they would hope any journalists present “would tell the people of the county who weren’t here happened in this forum?”

“I would hope they would paint the picture of what the work of civic engagement looks like,” Jonathan Wallace, one of the discussion moderators and former Georgia House District 119 representative, said. “I think that is what we are engaged in here.”

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