April 14 and May 7, 2015, Join Two National Dialogues Using Text Messaging, "Text, Talk, Act"

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The National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona has announced two upcoming national dialogues using the text messaging project called Text, Talk, Act. In addition to the April 14, and May 7th event dates, anyone can participate anytime during April and May by texting START to 89800 (7785881995 in Canada). Click here to learn more about Text, Talk, Act.

Text, Talk, Act is coming up soon. Tuesday, April 14th thousands of people across the nation will be participating in our Text, Talk, Act Event. Will you participate too? It's simple. Gather your friends, family, and/or neighbors together for an evening conversation on mental health. Host a dinner, organize a potluck, or have snacks and tea, but definitely bring your cell phones for a great conversation! 
Text, Talk, Act Event Dates:
Tuesday, April 14th (in collaboration with Active Minds' Stress Less Week)
Thursday, May 7th (in partnership with SAMHSA's National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day).*
The Creating Community Solutions Team

You can try Text, Talk, Act right now!
Text "START" to 89800