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American Responsibility (Highschool Project.)

Keirsten L North 10/20/2013 21:13

10/20/2013 21:13 Keirsten L NorthWest 3kl2dfga3@yahoo.com

Where does American responsibility lie? Americans as a whole have the same responsibilities as any other country would. We have a responsibility to work hard to keep our nation running strong and tall, as well as to lend and helping hand when and if needed. Although to lend that helping hand out of our own domain we must first build ourselves up enough to throw out a strong hand. In simpler terms, America should first help them selves and then help others.

These are rough times for many families who are struggling to make enough to support them. Many of them work back breaking hours and jobs and still do not make enough. On average to live in America you need to make about $19.66 and hour yet minimum wage is around $7.50. (Quigley) “10 million people work and are still below the unrealistic official US poverty line… about 7% of all workers and 4% of all full time workers are below the poverty line.” (Quigley) This is just in the US alone; people are working and living on miniscule wages.

Many people who are of the higher class suggest that these people should go to school and get a better education to gain a higher salary. But these people do not know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck with no chance of paying for rising tuition costs. Scholarships can’t always get you through a decent education. There’s a quote that says “You must have money to make money” and also “No one has ever become poor from giving”. (“Quotes About Helping Others.”) America needs to help the people at home before moving on to help others.


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