"Advise the President" Issue Guide Series Available from the U.S. National Archives

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Five issue discussion booklets in the Advise the President series are now available as free pdf downloads from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. The five titles include: Harry S. Truman: What Should the United States do About the Emerging Threat Posed by the Soviet Union?; Dwight D. Eisenhower: How Should the United States Confront Communist Expansion?; Gerald R. Ford: How Should the Federal Government Respond to New York City's Financial Crisis?; Ronald Reagan: How Should the United States Move Towards Economic Recovery?; William J. Clinton: What Should the United States Do About the Kosovo Crisis?

Each of the 15-20 page booklets presents several possible approaches to consider. The following is excerpted from the Advise the President website:

The Advise the President Series focuses on using original documents, and photographs to provide students with an in depth understanding of historical events related to the presidents.

Moderator guides accompany each booklet to assist teachers in guiding students through the deliberation process and promoting productive discussion. Each booklet in the series also features a detailed reveal of the decision the president ultimately made.