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"Making Local Democracy Work" - a Report from the National League of Cities and the Center for Research and Innovation

Municipal Officials' Views about Public Engagement


A report titled Making Local Democracy Work: Municipal Officials' Views about Public Engagement is now available from the National League of Cities (NLC). Written by William Barnes and Bonnie Mann, the 48-page research report is available as a free download. 

Excerpts from the "Highlights" section in the introduction of the report include:

In June 2009, NLC surveyed elected and managerial municipal officials regarding public engagement-- "proactive efforts to involve people in deliberating public issues and in helping to solve public problems."  The report presents the findings, offers analysis and suggests further research opportunities.  Here are a few highlights from the findings:

  • There are regular and various public engagement processes occurring in cities...
  • Local officials value public engagement from all members of the community...
  • Municipal officials say that both they and the public need more training for engagement processes...

The report's Table of Contents includes:

  • Introduction
  • What Municipal Officials and City Halls are Doing
  • Municipal Officials' Assessments of Local Public Engagement Practice
  • Assessments of Stakeholder Roles in Public Engagement
  • Concluding Thoughts for Further Research
  • About the Authors
  • About the National League of Cities

You can download the report by clicking on the download link above.  A research brief summarizing the findings is also available.

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