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Report - No Easy Way Out: Citizens Talk about Tackling the Debt

published: 2012

More information and to download the report

This is a new report that describes findings from National Issues Forums that were held during 2012.  In those forums people deliberated about possible approaches to dealing with the national debt.

Click on the link above for more information and to download the report.

This new report by Jean Johnson about recent citizen deliberations on the debt suggest the seeds of consensus on how to tackle the problem, but warns that deep cynicism about Washington makes many Americans question whether elected officials will act?and whether they can be trusted to act.

While pundits say that most Americans are unrealistic about the scope of the problem and unwilling to support needed changes, deliberations by groups of citizens around the country suggest that, in fact, this is an issue where solutions exist and are within reach. These deliberative forums, hosted by local groups affiliated with the nonpartisan National Issues Forums Institute, reveal that many citizens are willing to wrestle with the problems of debt and that they understand that getting these problems under control will require broad acceptance of change and sacrifice. Most people seem to yearn for elected officials who will put long-term national interest ahead of near-term politics—leaders who are willing to hammer out a compromise.

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