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"Shaping Our Future: How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want?"

published: 2012

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Are you concerned about the rising cost of higher education? Are the nation's colleges and universities dong a good job preparing students for the future? How does higher education benefit society as a whole?

Would you like to participate in a discussion on this topic? If so, you can organize a forum or join one using the issue guide, Shaping Our Future: How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want?, that has been developed by the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) in association with the American Commonwealth Partnership (ACP). Free copies of the guide can be downloaded from the NIFI website,, where there is further information about the NIF process of deliberation, along with additional materials to help you promote this crucial conversation in your community.

This new issue guide will be used in many public deliberative forums in the coming year as part of a national conversation about how higher education can help us create the kind of society we want. In partnership with the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI), the American Commonwealth Partnership (ACP) launched a national discussion on higher education’s role in America’s future. The discussions in communities and on campuses began in April, 2012, and will continue through the year.

Be a Part of this Important Deliberation.

For a limited time these issue materials will be available as a FREE pdf download. Materials that are available include an issue guide, a guide to forums (a moderator's guide to help prepare for forums), an online starter video, and a post-forum questionnaire for forum participants to complete and submit. The 12-page hardcopy version of the issue guide can be ordered for $2.49 plus shippping cost. You can find more information about downloading or ordering these materials here.

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