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Materials for Teachers

FREE - Teacher's Guide to National Issues Forums (NIF) in the Classroom

published: 2005

Watch the 10 minute video that accompanies the the National Issues Forums in the Classroom materials

For high school and middle school students

This step-by-step guide offers a basic lesson structure by which teachers and students can learn about and sponsor deliberative forums in their classrooms.  The loose-leaf book includes background material, a procedural manual for conducting forums, students' handouts, instruments for evaluating students' performance and a list of additional resources for teachers.  Packaged as a kit, the materials also include an introductory video for students and teachers and four sample issue books.  Separate kits are designed for middle school and high school students.

Watch a preview clip from the companion video for this issue guide

ITEM #10146

To order call Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) at 800-600-4060. Or fax your order to 812-333-4218. 

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